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Universe I

January 24, 2013

There is only one universe, the one we create … and it has as many dimensions as we need

Here we have two apparent problems:

– How do we select the dimensions

A dimension is just an ordered set of symbols

And the set of dimensions selected must be involved in :

. conservation law formulas

. restrictions law formulas

– How to visualise the dimensions

It is indeed easy to visualise a multidimensional space in a 2-dimensional surface

The following is an example:


The figure shows a 5-dimensional space displayed like strings in a guitar

The red lines are just th representation of a relation on that space.

The numbers represent scales that ensure that the redlines are parallel and perpendicular to the black lines (Observe the similarity to the D’carte representation)

Line vanish where the value is zero. The size of the node is the value at that coordinate compensated by the scale factor at the beginning.

Observe that you can add as many dimensions as “you need” in this representation

Notice that:

. points in D’Carte representation are segmented lines in this representation

. the space between neighbour dimension lines can be of a desired width

. the same representation can be done on a cylindric surface because between the cylinder and the plane an isomorphism can be stablished. Just consider one of the edges mapped 1-to-1 and the rest mapped using a stereophonic transformation between the circle and the line



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