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Universe X

January 27, 2013

Technology is the end purpose of engineering.

And here I stop with the universes, because these are, so far, good enough for the purpose of developing an exciting computing and data communication technology.

This technology I call it Quasar for which I have a separate blog: quasarix.

However, before I jump to quasarix, I want to make a comment about two important concepts, which are centre of discussion and analysis:

– Time. First of all, as consequence of Universe I, WE create time for the ONLY purpose of synchronisation and information processing.

By definition, time is the consideration of a standard sequence of states used as reference to measure a second sequence of states.

Time is the illusion of change. Yes, you heard right, change is an illusion, actually an optical illusion.

Here comes the part that is really hard for me to understand:

The universe is already there, so by creation I mean navigation.

… and this is probably one of the reasons why:

– is difficult to solve some problems in computational complexity theory

– is obvious to think you can travel back in time

The uncertainty principle. Isn’t possible that this principle is just a direct consequence of navigation?


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