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The existence of God

April 4, 2014


No matter how hard we try to prove the existence of the almighty, a hopeless and endless discussion breaks out. The reason we humans have to justify the manipulation of atoms, is the object of curiosity of those watching us out there. But then I am assuming that there is indeed something out there. This turns me into the subject of my own enquire and raises the following question:

What makes us believe we are the ultimate level of existence? Isn’t that what we call – arrogance?

By denying God, or whatever name those out there use to denominate them selves, we are undermining the foundations of our own seeking for truth. That truth is not out there, not in here, but no where and every where at once, in each and every one of us, that truth is God itself.

This sounds heavenly encouraging, but I have got news for you guys: you will never find that truth and this gives the appearance of life with no meaning. This drives so many of us to constantly start all over again, and lures many others into take their own lives.

So, keep up the God’s work good folks!

Obs. The term “out” used here has no attachment or whatsoever to our poorly visual conceptions. 


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