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Miami nights.The kids upstairs

May 14, 2014


 Thomas and Tina had just moved from the dry climate in Kansas down to Miami, Florida. The recently married couple was used to the established church-Sunday life style of the previous place, but they decided that Kansas was too calm and traditional, and although the new city known for its metropolitan night life, impinged a sense of dismay on them, Thomas and Tina packed the rack and hit the road in search for excitement in southern Florida.

 Thomas is 30, white 6 feet strong man with a mild character contrasting with a hard complexion under a black hat he wears almost all the time. His firm, densely tattoo-illustrated arms and rough hands unveil years as a mechanic, a skill he has learned from his father since he was a little child. He is a man of few words, capable of intimidating any one facing his deep growling voice.

 Tina, on the other hand, comes from a settled wealthy family, well known for their successful plantation business. She has been raised up under the umbrella of devoted secular catholic values. Tina was about to arrive to her 25th birthday when she met Thomas during a workshop on farming tools. The young lady could not keep her blue dreamy eyes from the huge man scrambling and dragging around heavy pieces of machinery. The effect was instantly mutual; Thomas couldn’t help to stare at the soft mannered woman in a black short relaxed dress and white nikes, who at times swept the dark hair from her fresh face, just for the mere sake of keeping a clear sight at him.

 It was love at first encounter and the hostility of Tina’s family against the unshaped disregarded manners of Thomas, was in vain; for the decision to leave everything and everybody was made from the very instant their gazes came across each other’s.

 The midsize flat in South Beach, near the strand, only 50 yards away from the Atlantic, captivated the fantasy of the lovely couple, who has found an idyllic place where sexuality has no limits. Away from her demanding family, Tina could explore every sense reachable by the imagination of Thomas who had finally found an intimate oneiric playground in his insatiable beloved woman.

 But, as usual, paradises have to be shared with others and sometimes with unwelcome individuals.

 The building Thomas and Tina were living in, has ten stores and they were occupying the 9th floor. The  construction was new  and the real state agent could not satisfy their desire to buy the apartment upstairs which was already offered to a much younger couple coming from New York, apparently of rich protective parents. Tina was a little disappointed, specially because she loved the all-glassed doors facing the sea, leading to a private terrace that at night became a natural planetarium. On top of it, Tina and Thomas could surprisingly afford the price. But for the tender man, it was ok; the new place and new life with such a wonderful woman. were more than he ever expected.

 Two happy months had passed and the couple was having the nicest time. One Wednesday afternoon, Tina was standing in front of the building’s main entrance, waiting for her husband who was parking the car. They had been invited by new friends for lunch, so they decided to spend the day up there in West Palm Beach. Both were really exhausted. Right before Thomas came from parking, the tired woman came face to face with the young couple from the 10th floor. For the first time she was looking at those two kids who on several occasions turned the volume too high on the stereo. Tina has sent complaints a number of times, she even knocked on their door but never got the teen’s attention. And there they were, but the funny thing is that they pretended to ignore the existence of Tina, who kept kindly waiting for an apology, or at least a proper introduction from the couple. They just passed by, entered the building and took the elevator, not without letting escape an unpleasant mocking laughter. Tina didn’t say anything but her peaceful countenance turned into a dark temper, which Thomas noticed with affliction.

– What is it honey? He asked and looked at her, accompanied with his usual careful gestures.

– Those kids … uh, never mind. Lets go up and make dinner, I am starving. Tina answered and disappeared into his arms.

– Yeah babe, I am starving too. I will prepare some dinner. You prepare a warm bath. I’ll joined you there … real soon.

Tina knew what this meant. Thomas has the magic of calming her down when she is having a hard time. Thomas has the key to conquer her sex appetite, by using an alchemical combination of suggestive words. The good mood had came back on Tina, in her clear water-like eyes one could see a passionated long night of amazing sensations.

 But, remember, paradises have to be shared.

 A trace of disperse clothes was leading from the wide black sofa into the bedroom, evidence of a successful dinner with a nicely cooked fish and a quite expensive wine, spiced up with the smooth cosy notes of Sinatra. As always, Tina was committed to make love to Thomas as it was the first and last time,  very often pretending it was an audition for a porn movie … and they loved this wonderful sexual role-play … her body covered in softly applied oil … he just watching …. she seducing him with her fingers deep inside, right- there … he grabbing his thick, hardened d…

 … suddenly … from above, a low pitched bumpy sound came down right into the stomachs of the aroused lovers. She could not believe it. She seemed to picture those kids laughing upstairs while playing that goddamn music. To make things worse, what appeared to be just a party of two, turned out to be a party of a dozen of shouting kids, jumping, drinking and coursing.

 After laying down on the bed for around five minutes, she had enough.

– I’ll be right back. Tina said while putting on a large white T-shirt that Thomas had bought that day.

– Ok babe, take it easy with those kids. Thomas replied while rising from bed.

 Two minutes had passed after Tina left in order to confront the party-youngsters. In the mean time Thomas had got hungry and felt for having a bite. He could not comprehend what was going on in the 10th floor, and he didn’t care either, as long as Tina could handle the situation. He could hear an indistinguishable mixing of voices where Tina’s sounded louder and obviously irritated. The strident music kept going and the argumentative flame between the kids and the woman began to grow.

Fifteen minutes had passed now and the noice clearly took Thomas who was enjoying a sandwich, when all the sudden, screaming pieces of glass seemed to be scattered all over the place, which instantly sharpened the nerves of Thomas who was standing in the kitchen, reaching for milk. At first he thought that the youngster’s party had gone out of hands,  but then the delay of Tina started to make sense. He rapidly put some clothes on and went upstairs. The door was wide open, so he just entered and started to look for his wife. At first he didn’t notice the absence of the kids, but then he almost fall when stepping over a large pool of blood. The silence combined with the dense smell of the vital fluid was really disturbing and Thomas prepared for the worse. He searched every room but he couldn’t find any sign of life … only vivid clues of a terrifying struggle. Finally the worried man reached the overwhelming large living room where pieces of a very expensive stereo equipment were spread all over. What before was for the man a concern for Tina, became increasingly a feeling of something dispacable, a nightmare-like suspicion of a horrendous mass murder … and there she was … Tina was standing in the terrace facing the city, holding calmly that large knife from which blood of so much life was dropping … Thomas carefully removed the deadly weapon from her hands. She didn’t make any move and the steady look on her blue eyes made him realised that the situation was even more serious. She wasn’t looking at the city … she was looking down on the city. Thomas slowly and cautiously approached the edge of the terrace and leaned down over the fence to take a look … on the street, ten floors below, a dozen of corpses were surrounded by an alarmed crowd. Thomas turned around as he pretended that the situation wasn’t that serious, that everything would be ok.  Tina was mumbling disparate words, her face behind a curtain of tears, blood and disarrayed hair …

 – They were so annoying. She said with a fading weak voice and eventually fell asleep on Thomas’s arms.


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