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When I write

May 26, 2014


When I write
I need to think
that governments have given up
their places to those fortunate homeless,
looking for treasures in broken trunks
and feeding from hopeless dreams.

I really need
to believe in that untrue love
you professed at the edge of my lips,
to save me from falling … again

I need to believe with no hope
that these lines
will stay in the memory
of a network that has ceased to be social,
and now is the hypocrisy of the survivor

When I write,
and this verse bugs my throat,
is for you to know
you are not alone these days
when the phone does not ring
and your email is rotten with obvious messages.

When I write
borders and national anthems disappear,
we learn to write not to read about history
but simply to learn songs that say “I love you”
psychology books and the laws of Newton disappear,
I disappear in my hands
and I am at the mercy of madness …

I really need to hold on to all these things,
well, believe me …
I am not the only one


From → Philosophy

  1. Keep writing… this is simply wonderful. And yes… You are not alone in this madness. would we disappear without it? The ‘we’ that we know?

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