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The list

July 27, 2014


click click lick
so easy to pick

grab the phone
oh yeah now is called smartphone
and call the first one
on the list

set set set
so easy to select

no battery left
still you finally
download the first app
on the list

date date date
so easy to chat

those faces from around the world,
girls, men, women, lonely souls and pedophiles,
meet Candy95, one of the prettiest
on the list

pad pad pad
so easy to get sad

but go outside
and see the blue sky,
the rain coming down on sunny days,
say hello to me, to her, to those from Middle East,
help the elder up, you’ll always get a smile back,
hold that child up, and your spirit will light up

take a bus
go and see the city,
perhaps you’ll notice more trees and lakes
and new buildings on the ground,
perhaps you’ll find someone you really “like”

it is ok to be mistaken – oh, never mind, he is crazy
It is ok to be isolated in your happy state of being kind,
for tomorrow is gonna start all over again, no matter what

so write down the most amazing things
you would ever wanted to achieve
and pick the first one
on the list


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