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The talking ball … a challenge for testers …

November 26, 2014

GRINZ BALL Collie 450

Never take anything for granted … nothing is what seems to be … yet, this is my own opinion … so, don’t take it for granted.

I have got the following idea for a product, to test my own progress in the study of test engineering:

The talking ball is a ball that sends a signal to a transceiver every time it bounces. The transceiver, as a result, plays a given sound. The transceiver is an app that can be fed with new sounds.

The sounds are related to the bouncing angle and how hard the ball hits the surface.

In order to reset the ball, a signal is sent to it, by using the transceiver.

Mission. Design a test plan for the talking ball, that helps develop the product all the way out to distribution.

Have fun and enjoy the process …


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